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  • General planner

    We plan small and large laboratories with or without building; also semi stationary or mobile.
  • System Provider

    We construct modular design laboratories and custom-made laboratory containers.
  • System Supplier

    We completely furnish your laboratory.
  • Consultant

    We advise you or attend to your laboratory project independently.


July 2016
Laboratory container complex for the TU Berlin
The TU (Technical University) Berlin respectively the Innovations-Zentrum Berlin (Innovation Center Berlin) commissions THIEMT to construct a Laboratory Container Facility according to the laboratory guidelines and special laboratory demands consisting of several laboratory containers completely furnished with ventilation technology, laboratory furniture and safety devices and to install it on the campus.
June 2016
Project study for laboratory expansion
Rottendorf Pharma, a medium-sized corporation commissions THIEMT to determine the technical and economical requirements of the planned laboratory annex and to develop a suitable laboratory concept within the scope of a project study.
May 2016
Planning/New construction of Technical Centre / Laboratory
IBS Filtran, a German-American component supplier of the automobile industry, plans the construction of a new technical centre respectively a laboratory and commissions THIEMT to responsibly attend to this project in cooperation with sectoral planners (Technical Building Equipment aso).


Overview – Scope of Services and Company

Laboratory Planning + Consulting

We conduct independent laboratory plannings: for new constructions, extensions or restorations of laboratories we perform wholistic plannings and provide a harmonised infrastructure of work areas, laboratory furniture, media and room conditions. Furthermore we coordinate the interfaces to the individual lots (architecture, technical building equipment), issue neutral tender documents, accompany you to the start-up and take care that all regulations and rules and standards are met and the laboratory can start operations. Furthermore we issue project studies or feasibility studies for laboratories.
Examples: HARIBO (Laboratory Planning) – TMD Friction (Laboratory Planning) – VESTOLIT (Restoration) – SHELL (FEED) – PMRC (Laboratory planning and EPC)

Laboratory Container + Module Buildings

THIEMT Lab Container TLC Ventilation

Mobile, semi-stationary or only temporarily for a certain period: laboratory containers offer manifold prospects. As original laboratory sectoral planner we know what a laboratory requires. So we plan and construct mobile or semi-stationary laboratories strictly according to the demands: the laboratory in a vehicle, in a CSC –certified ISO-container or in a room container) that provides building quality (single or container farm). Likewise the modular building and the modular room render the provision of qualitative laboratory space in a very short time possible.
Examples: IAV (Laboratory Container) - Cuba (Laboratory in a trailer truck)

System Supplier - Complete Laboratories

We offer the planning and construction of a complete laboratory from one source. The laboratory consists of many sectors and sub-lots: lab equipment, lab furniture, media, the rooms with floors, walls, the technical building equipment among others electrical installation, air conditioning as well as the safety installations.
Many customers desire the responsibility to be in one hand and to have only one contact person. By this we understand a turnkey project.
Examples: Pepsi-Cola (Germany) – Seibt Genomics (Germany) - Brown Forman (Netherlands/USA) - SABMiller (Australia) – Refriango (Angola)

Architect Performances

A good architect for a good laboratory project!
The construction of a laboratory building is carried out from the outside to the inside: structural analysis, fundament, walls, technics and at last the laboratory furniture. The planning of a new laboratory building takes place from the inside to the outside: which analysis is to be performed and how do the laboratory rooms have to be designed for this exactly. Therefore many constructors decide to commission a specialized laboratory sectoral planner with the technological management.
In a network with renowned architects and engineering offices we offer architect performances and the knowledge regarding technical building equipment.
Examples: Wintershall/BASF (Germany) – EVONIK (Germany) - Ministry of Minerals (Kuwait/Sudan) – Labor Friedle (Germany)

Expertise + Technology

In projects, requiring a special expertise, we cooperate with exclusive technology partners. For example for a Lebanese ministry a new central laboratory was to be planned and constructed. A challenging project, as beside the analytics, the laboratory and the building, organisational frameworks were to be developed. In this case the Robert-Koch-Institut, with their expertise, supported us as technology partner.
Further examples are: University of Bonn for the planning and setup of a new faculty for stem-cell research (project study, laboratory planning and EPC) or the Fraunhofer IBMT and the Labor der Zukunft (Laboratory of the Future) for diverse other projects.

Office Dortmund - Germany and international markets

In our office in Dortmund we realize all plannings and services - here we have an assorted team (laboratory assistants, analytical chemists, biologists, engineers of diverse fields, merchants), that covers the range from laboratory analytics to building equipment as well as the legal regulations. In a separate range of production we construct construct laboratory containers that meet specific individual demands.
Germany and neighboring countries are especially in our focus for independent laboratory plannings, but international projects are also attended to from here. By now we have executed more than 300 projects in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Office Bahrain - Middle East

By our office in Bahrain we are endued to short ways and direct contacts to the markets in Middle East. Apart from our core service type (independent laboratory planning, laboratory containers, turnkey laboratories), here we also offer special consulting services.
Within the framework of the construction of the new laboratory for the SFDA in Jeddah (Saudi Food and Drug Authority), as an independent laboratory consultant we were responsible for the design review. Furthermore we are contact for diverse German corporations that do not have direct sales and distributions in Middle East (for example planning of hospitals).