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Lab Furniture Köttermann

LAB FURNITURE Basic information about laboratory furniture
Köttermann LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture made in Germany
Waldner LAB FURNITURE Lab furniture with an appealing design made in Germany
Flores Valles LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture of high quality made in Spain
Materials Information about work surfaces

Köttermann is a leading manufacturer of high quality made of steel lab furniture. The products set standards, are especially concerning occupational safety and ergonomics, additionally they are construed for long-term use possibilities. According to the building-set principle, the furniture can be retrofitted, changed and converted at any time.  Octogonal shapes as a variant for tables and base cabinets are typical for Köttermann. There are certifications according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the fume cupboards will be tested according to EN 14175.

Furniture Program Systemlabor

The furniture consists of zinc plated and epoxy coated steel. They are non-combustible, easily decontaminated, long-lasting and fully recyclable.

The program implies:

  • Fume cupboards
  • Media supply
  • Lab tables and office desks
  • Lab sinks and basins
  • Storage spaces
  • Cabinets for the storage of hazardous materials
  • Accessory

On demand fridges/ freezer and lab dish washer will be also delivered.

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Fume Cupboards

Depending on the model, the fume cupboards are available in raster sizes up to 2100mm.  The so-called AirMonitor controls the extraction performance digitally by means of the volume flow.  Almost all fume cupboards furthermore have the Autoprotect front sash. Full automatic closure of the front sash, if there is no staff in the extractor area. The Softmatic front sash enables the opening and closing of the front sash, if the user does not have a free hand.

The program implies:

  • Fume cupboards for general purpose – as well as low ceiling height fume cupboard
  • High performance fume cupboards
  • Radionuclide fume cupboards
  • Walk-in fume cupboards
  • Underbench fume cupboards
  • Pharmaceutical fume cupboards
  • Extractors
  • Point extraction and flues

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Media Supply

Systems down-to-earth or for the direct workstation supply will be offered.

Media workstations:

  • Media pillars and blocks
  • Media walls
  • Service booms
  • Media accessory

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Lab and office tables

Most tables are available stationary as well as mobile with rolls.

  • Office-/meeting tables
  • Single tables
  • Lab tables: A-frame, C-frame, round mount
  • Heavy load tables
  • Weighing table

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Table Tops

There are ceramic and epoxy table tops with reinforced rims, to hold back potted chemicals safely during wet chemical operation. The octagonal shapes offer ergonomic advantages and broaden the possibilities to use the space. The table tops are all made seamless.


  • Ceramic: All-ceramic, ceramic composite
  • Melamine table standard
  • Melamine table TopResist
  • Polypropylene
  • Solid-core high-pressure laminate (Trespa Athlon, Trespa Toplab Plus)
  • Epoxy resin (Epoxy)
  • Stainless steel

Lab Sinks and Basins

The sinks and basins are made of ceramic, polypropylene, stainless steel and epoxy resin. Sinks will be installed instead of table top, basins will be adjusted into the table top. According to the installation mode into the table top, different types of basins are distinguished:

  • Suspended basins
  • Built-in basin
  • Inset bowl for plain sinktop
  • Undermount sink

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Storage Spaces

The cupboards are optionally open or equipped with folding doors (lockable on request). Base cabinets can be provided with exhaust systems and drawers. There are the following variants of frames for base cabinets: C- , a-, round mount frame, roles, steel bases, plastic made baseboards, cantilever frames.

  • Wall-mounted cupboard and top-mounted cabinet
  • Tall cabinet
  • Base cabinet – available in an octogonal shape

Storage of hazardous materials – Special Cabinets

Safety cabinets with ErgoPlus-equipment have a one-hand door mechanic and closing automatic. Safety cabinets are available as tall cupboards and base cabinets with double or folding doors.

  • Safety cupboards for combustible hazardous substances
  • Gas cylinder cupboard
  • Cupboards for acids and alkalis
  • Chemical cabinets


Catalogue examples:

  • Dustbins
  • PC-holder, keyboard drawer
  • First aid cabinet
  • Device drawers
  • Body showers
  • Ladders, steps
  • Classification systems: Drawers compartments, baskets, bowls for splitter cabinets
  • Drawers (air-cushioned)
  • Chairs, standing aids

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