System supplier


Lab equipment

Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables

Lab furniture

Laboratory furniture of K├Âttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others

Sensory lab

Special equipment for the sensory product control


Training of the users as well as preparation for certification


Installation of laboratory furniture

THIEMT plans and conducts system supplies of laboratories.

Turnkey supply of laboratories

System supply means the supply and installation of a laboratory completely equipped with the laboratory furniture (laboratory furniture incl. utilities supply) as well as the complete laboratory equipment.

System supplies are suitable especially for new constructions of laboratories. The system supplier conducts the entire planning in coordination with the client and thus ensures completeness and homogeneity. The client primarily benefits from having the system supplier as the central contact partner, who is able to take the clients requirements and wishes into account accross the entire spectrum of the project.

System supplies may also be of interest for plant manufacturers who realize entire production units as turnkey projects. Hardly any production can be run effectively and quality-consciously without quality assurance and continuous control. Thus, laboratories are in general an inherent part of such projects. Despite of contributing only a marginal portion of the investment sum, because of taking up a special position and having particular requirements QA labs can be viewed as project within a project. Therefore, it is a sensible option for the plant manufacturer to obtain the laboratory as a whole from a system supplier.

As illustrated, the central advantage of system supplies is that the client is not required to handle inner interfaces and service limits of the particular trades in detail, but receives a custom-made and self-contained package.


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