New construction quality management laboratory

New construction of a laboratory for quality assurance

Pacific Beverages invested more than 100 million US dollar in the new construction of a brewery at the east coast of Australia.

The production of beer takes, depending on the method, between 2 and 8 weeks. The production- and quality control is relatively elaborate and complex.

THIEMT had already planned diverse laboratories for new production plants in Africa and in Asia for SABMiller. So this investor also decided to resort to the experience of THIEMT.

THIEMT planned the laboratory and the production control as a wholistic unit.

Projects Building Laboratory
Lab Planning Design Lab Equipment
Consulting Details Lab Furniture
Network Supervision Training / Installation
Project Management

Subsequently THIEMT got the order for the supply and the installation of the laboratory equipment. For the start-up, the installation and the introduction of the quality management concept 2 experienced laboratory assistants of the THIEMT team were sent to Australia for 3 months and the new QS-team of the plant was trained.