New construction stem-cell research facility

University of Dammam – the research centre biology, virology, stem cells

New construction of a faculty for molecular biology, virology and stem cell research

THIEMT got the job to conduct a project study for the construction of a stem-cell research facility within the PMRC.

The main goal of the project study was to establish a research assignment in the international network of stem-cell research and to find correspondent partner universities. Furthermore the project study was to be the basis and roadmap for the future implementation of the research facility into the PMRC.

Projects Building Laboratory
Lab Planning Design Lab Equipment
Consulting Details Lab Furniture
Network Supervision Training
Project Management

For the accomplishment of this task THIEMT assembled an interdisciplinary project team of scientists and specialists to attend to the research assignment as well as of engineers to attend to the laboratory sectoral planning. A research team of a renowned German university with its international research network was added to the THIEMT team.

The project team worked out two research assignments which complemented each other well in the international research network: (1) Establish the Dammam bank of patient-specific IPS cells’ and (2) ‚Development of novel tools for safe IPS cell derivation’.

Concomitant to the research assignments a laboratory planning, on the basis of the project study and the therein defined operating processes, was conducted.

Subsequently, beside the stem-cell research facility, the complete research establishment with round about 4,000 square meter incl. the faculties for microbiology and virology were realised and the laboratory furniture was supplied and installed.

THIEMT attended to the project for nearly 3 years.