Consultancy and advice for a laboratory project

Consulting: Supervision

LAB PLANNING Planning of your laboratory
CONSULTING Consultancy and supervision during the implementation of laboratory projects
TECHNOLOGY Know-how for analytics and process

Planning and implementation of laboratory projects – Consultancy

We attend to laboratory projects as a consultant and support you from the first idea to the implementation

A laboratory project consists of diverse special fields – analytics, laboratory and building, to name just a few.

To cover this diversity, our team consists of scientists, specialists and engineers.

As a consultant we can support you with the following items:

  • Technological support for your analytics or research
  • Technical and organizational support during the construction or renovation of your laboratory
  • Network: contacts for the scientific, financial or political support of your project.

Here some examples:

The laboratory management plans the new construction and relocation of an existing laboratory … The laboratory management plans the new construction and relocation of an existing laboratory
You are planning a new laboratory, maybe with a new building; you are laboratory user and are well versed in the analytics. The ongoing day-to-day business does not allow you to attend to the planning and implementation hundred per cent: You need someone to issue concepts for the building and the laboratory rooms, who issues and checks investment budgets and financing options, who finally plans the project in detail and who attends to the implementation as a consultant respectively project manager or who acts as a general contractor. Someone, who takes care of everything from the idea to the final implementation.
Reference example
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  • New construction of a forensic laboratory (example 09 – THIEMT website update)
  • Political support (example 04 – THIEMT website update)
  • Financial support (example 06 – THIEMT website update)

A laboratory project often just starts with the idea, to enlarge the existing laboratory, to renovate it or to build a new one. Often it is the first time, the investor or the person in charge, conducts such a project. So it is understandable, when the question, what is to be observed, and what belongs to such a project, becomes a challenge. Beside the main task, – the performance of the analytics – a laboratory has to meet many other demands: the laboratory organization and a most efficient working process, the interior design with aeration, air condition and safety systems, office and service areas, energy supply and last not least the building, which has to fit into the frame.

In addition to this, laws as well as basic rules and engineer standards have to be observed. So it is also important to conduct a basic risk assessment and to arrange for fire protection, escape routes and more. The working process also has to be ideally organized, and has to be attuned to the analytics. In case the results of the laboratory are to be externally accepted, it has to be proved, that the quality management system is conducted according to international standards. An accreditation acc. to DIN EN SO/IEC 17025 proves that the requirements to the organization and technology are met. In case this is not available, at least research results, will not be acknowledged.

We advise and support you in all these questions and challenges, previously issue a project or feasibility study, and attend to you during the planning and implementation.

THIEMT has realized more than 300 laboratory projects – small ones and large ones, with or without building or has just lends assistance for the idea. With offices in Dortmund and in the Middle East in Bahrain, we are active in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Here some reference examples.