Laboratory sectoral planner

LAB PLANNING Planning of your laboratory
CONSULTING Consultancy and supervision during the implementation of laboratory projects
TECHNOLOGY Know-how for analytics and process

A survey of the laboratory sectoral planning

The laboratory sectoral planner conducts a specified planning of the laboratory and attends to the implementation.

THIEMT offers the laboratory sectoral planning as well as the general planning of a laboratory project.

The characteristic tasks of a laboratory sectoral planner are:

  • Planning and division of the space of the laboratory
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Utilities supply and disposal
  • Participation in the design of safety installations (fire protection, detection of gas etc.)
  • Participation in the operating process and the laboratory organisation
  • Creation of a room book
  • Support during the call for bids
  • Attendance during the implementation of the project

Beside the user respectively the analytics expert, the TGA sectoral planner and the architect, the laboratory sectoral planner is one of the main contact persons during the realization of a complete laboratory project.

THIEMT specializes in the planning and implementation of laboratories and laboratory buildings. We consist of a team of scientists, specialists and engineers and are hence capable of conducting a wholistic and a homogeneous project. Next to the sectoral planning and the general planning, we also offer the implementation of the complete laboratory project.

Here, please find some reference examples:

  • New construction of an analysis center
  • Planning and implementation of a laboratory
  • Performance of a project study

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