Laboratory general planning

Generalplanung von Laboren: Supervision

LAB PLANNING Planning of your laboratory
CONSULTING Consultancy and supervision during the implementation of laboratory projects
TECHNOLOGY Know-how for analytics and process

Planning of laboratory projects – General planning

THIEMT conducts general plannings for laboratory projects

Laboratory projects consist of diverse lots and specific fields: the analytics complete with analysis technology, the laboratory respectively the laboratory furniture as well as the technical building equipment and the laboratory building. Read more….

General planning means to combine the plannings of diverse special fields to a homogeneous project, to conduct the preliminary planning and the detailed planning and, where required, to attend to the project to the finish. The individual special fields will be planned by so-called sectoral planners.

The general planning of laboratories starts with the analytics and the work process – that is, the actual operations of a laboratory. From this starting point, other fields like laboratory furniture, utilities supply and utilities disposal as well as the building and the corresponding technical building equipment, will be planned step by step. Thus the planning proceeds from inside to outside. The implementation of the general planning proceeds in the other direction, from outside to inside.

Prior to the general planning of a laboratory, we conduct project- or feasibility studies, wherein we make proposals for the technological (analytical) procedure and for the work process. On basis of this basic evaluation we plan the building, the technical building equipment as well as the administrative and service areas, the laboratory itself with the laboratory furniture and the utilities supply. We establish all drawings, visualize, compile the tender documents and attend to the implementation.

Often investors or awarding authorities conduct a laboratory project for the first time. So it makes sense to dispose of a contact, who already conducted diverse laboratory projects and who has the appropriate experience.

Basic prerequisite of the general planning of interdisciplinary projects, is the composition of the project team and the expertise of the single team members. Sometimes this is neglected, however it is very important that each individual characteristically fits into the team and that everybody sympathizes with each other. Often it is not enough to focus professionally on something. Practical experience shows day-to-day projects in economy, that do not run smoothly or ideal. Even we, as adepted project planners, have experienced this and time and again come to the conclusion, that the proper composition of the team is a crucial criterion. Thus over the years we could compile a team for the single areas of expertise of a laboratory, that not only has the best professional experience, but also cooperates smoothly.

Beside the professional expertise and the ability to work in a team, the project management as a third point, is important for a good general planning and the subsequent implementation.

We have carried out more than 300 laboratory projects – small and big – in Germany and in the international market. With each project we have optimized and standardized our internal processes and we think that we can be a good and competent partner for the general planning of your laboratory project.

We are your partner for the realization of laboratory projects: no matter if you want to renovate 50 square meter of your laboratory or if you want to build a 5,000 square meter laboratory with building onto a Greenfield. → reference examples