Project Management

Consulting: Supervision

LAB PLANNING Planning of your laboratory
CONSULTING Consultancy and supervision during the implementation of laboratory projects
TECHNOLOGY Know-how for analytics and process

The project management within the planning and implementation of laboratory-projects

The project management stands for the goal-oriented direction of a process. This includes the planning and ends with the completion of the project within a given framework of plan. Nearly all projects consist of interdisciplinary processes – the project management, with the coordination of these, fulfills a key role.

We conduct the project management of laboratory-projects: from the planning to the completion.

Especially within large-scale projects the project management is a crucial factor. Often 10 milliard EUR or more will be invested in the construction of chemical plants; the planning and implementation of such projects often takes more than 10 years. But even within, compared to large-scale projects, small projects, like the construction of an analysis center with a new laboratory building, the diverse lots (building, TGA,laboratory, analytics) have to be coordinated and synchronized.

Each large or small project – whether merely the preliminary planning, an FEED, a project study, an EPC-project or a turnkey project – has to be conducted precisely. Deadlines and time limits have to be observed. Project delays or incorrect planning can have great consequences for technology and costs.

The project management also comprises the smooth communicating of the special fields and to meet deadlines. Within large-scale projects – the FEED as a preliminary planning or the implementation of EPC-projects – time- and communication management, are even more important. Therefore in these cases we additionally appoint a so-called contract manager to the project team respectively the project manager. He collaterally supervises deadlines and milestones and especially assumes administrative tasks.