Sectoral planning within a laboratory project

Consulting: Supervision

LAB PLANNING Planning of your laboratory
CONSULTING Consultancy and supervision during the implementation of laboratory projects
TECHNOLOGY Know-how for analytics and process

Survey of the sectoral planning within a laboratory project

Sectoral planning means the specialized panning of a specific area or lot..

If you plan a laboratory as a new construction, a renovation or an expansion, you often need specific sectoral planners for single areas.

THIEMT offers single sectoral planning within a laboratory as well as the general planning for a laboratory project.

A laboratory – a laboratory fir the quality management or for research – consists of diverse functional areas.

These are:

  • The analytical process
  • The device-related equipment
  • The laboratory with its furniture and utilities supply
  • The technical building equipment
  • The laboratory building
  • The operating processes and the laboratory organisation

To some extent, for each single area, several specific sectoral plannings have to be conducted.

These are:

  • Analytics: scientists and specialists (for example petrochemical biologists or molecular biologists)
  • Laboratory and laboratory furniture: Laboratory sectoral planners
  • Technical building equipment: Sectoral planners for TGA respectively for heating, aeration, air condition, electrics, sanitary facilities etc.
  • Laboratory building: Architect, structural designer etc.
  • Laboratory organisation: Safety installations, fire protection, IT-processing, accreditation experts etc.

The nomenclature does not name all mentioned planners as sectoral planner. Here we use this appellation in the figurative sense that every lot and sub lot needs well-trained specialists.