Forcing Tester

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The THIEMT Forcing Tester TFT is an alternate tempering bath for the simulation of the ageing process of bottled beer. The forcing test standard, developed by THIEMT, is already rolled in; additional, individual programms are freely programmable. The operating optionally takes place straight at the device or by the TQS-Software via PC.

The standard version TFT takes up 40 bottles (0,5 l NRW-bottle). Additional features are a user-friendly design and an entire surface of stainless steel. Also possible is an application to the material control.


The forcing test serves to predict the physicochemical storability of beer.

Analyses principle:

Alternate cooling (0° C) resp. heating (40 resp. 60° C) in 24-hrs-cycles are simulating the beer ageing process at the storage. Especially tannins (polyphenols) and proteins are agglomerating increasingly; by passing a specific size, the molecule-aggregates are getting visible as a flocculation. Considering of one specific factor and the test time, the estimated storability will be indicated by the haze measurement.

New Standard – THIEMT Forcing Test


On the part of the analyses commissions, standard guidelines to the accurate and reproducible application of the forcing test are none existing. Anyway, there is a vast number of methods for the classification of the storability. The significance, for want of more objective opportunities to compare, is doubtful. But also within one lab, the measurement results of one charge are often varying significantly.

New Standard:

The Forcing Test T24-3, developed by THIEMT, solves this problem. It considers the following factors to the measurement:

  • Influence of the velocity of the temperature change
  • Influence of the method of the temperature change (linear/exponential)
  • Differences of the effective heat quantity, within conventional circulating air tempering devices – same temperature does not mean same test conditions.

In the THIEMT-Standard, these influencing variables are accurately defined and measurement errors are excluded.

Distribution of the amount of heat in temperating systems
Homogeneous distribution in water baths Inhomogeneous distribution in air circulating systems
Linear und exponentiell verlaufende Temperierkurven
Heat-up curves Cooling curves
THIEMT Forcing Test T24-3


The Forcing Tester TFT

The Forcing Tester TFT is a special development by THIEMT.

  • The Forcing Tester TFT consists of a water bath with a tempering- and circulating device and a control unit. It is entirely of stainless steel and equipped with mobile rollers.
  • The control takes place by a control panel on the forcing-tester, optionally also by the TQS-Software, connected with a PC. The control panel disposes of an LCD-display and preselection keys to lodge 2 standard programms.
  • A programm regulates the temperatures, the dwell-times and the temperature change. Individual temperature curves can be programed by the TQS-Software.
  • Standard version:
    • Insert for 40 beer bottles à 0,5 liter
    • Temperature range: 0° C to 60° C
    • Voltage: 230 V

Different bath sizes and extended temperature ranges are available on request.


Control and Analysis by TQS

The forcing tester disposes of its own control system with hard-rolled in programms (standalone).

Different, variant procedures can be programed individually by the TQS-Software. As well, the forcing tester will be connected with a PC.

The analysis of the test scores also takes place by TQS. A haze measurement device and one or several forcing tester will be connected with a PC, the transferred values will be carried over automatically by the software: Haze value relation of the bottles, result storage, calculation of the estimated storability. Further statistical analyses and printouts of the results are possible.

TQS-Software Possibilities:
  • Individual adjustment of:
    • Temperature curves and -programms
    • Temperature dwell-times
    • Heating-up and cooling time
  • Individual allocation of the preselection keys
  • Powercut adjustment



The comparison of determined values by a measuring device, with those of a reference or a normal, is referred to as calibration.


After a voltage breakdown, the device activates itself again and continues the step in place, it was interrupted before, resp. breaks off the test. The PowerCut function is adjustable individually: In addition to the activation, resp. deactivation, the max. dead time, according to a desired continuation of the measurement, resp. a break, is selectable.


Benefits and Advantages

Device characteristics and benefits of the Forcing Tester TFT

  • Complete stainless steel cover
  • Large water bath = high test rate
  • High refrigerating capacity = quick cooling times
  • High heat output = quick heating-up times
  • High bath circulation = temperature-homogeneity
  • Individual programming
  • Automatic water level adjustment
  • Warning messages
  • Linear (homogeneous) lead of temperature
  • Time controlled temperature change
  • Standardized forcing test = comparability with different operations


Technical Information

Technical data TFT-40
Temperature range: 0° C ... 60° C
Temperature consistency: ± 0,1° K
Max. temperature change linear:
- from 0° C to 60° C
- from 60° C to 0° C

180 min
180 min
Max. temperature change none-linear:
- from 0° C to 60° C
- from 60° C to 0° C

150 min
120 min
Minimum temperature: 0° C
Maximum temperature: +60° C
Storage space for bottles (wxhxd): 424 x 270 x 657 mm
Bath volume: ca. 110 liter
Bath circulation (none loaded): 50-fold
Refrigerating capacity: 4 kW
Heat output: 3 kW
Warning messages: Excessive-/subtemperature
water level
other defaults
Weight (ex water): 184 kg
Bath dimensions (wxhxd): 424 x 344 x 834 mm
Overall dimensions (wxhxd): 928 x 1180/990 x 654 mm
- TFT standard

230 V/50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 14 A
Fuse: 16A remanent
Refrigerant: R-134 a
Interfaces and Connections
Water inlet: 1,4“
Water outlet: 1,4“
Computer interface: serial port RS 232

Technical drawings

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.10.22 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.10.40 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.10.46 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.10.56 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.11.16 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.11.26 PM


Order data

Forcing Tester TFT-40
Forcing Tester TFT-40 Standard T200.502
Spare parts
1 Set bottle numbering T200.551
Delivery contents Forcing Tester TFT-40
1 Forcing Tester TFT-40
1 Electric connection cable*
1 Water inlet hose (1500 mm DN9)
1 Water outlet hose (1000 mm DN32)
1 Software TQS-TFT
1 Interface cable (3 m RS232)
1 Manual*
1 Set bottle numbering
* Please quote the type of the required power plug and manual language at the time of order.
Packing data
Delivery ensued in a wooden box.
Dimensions (wxhxd) 1.370 x 1.320 x 860 mm
weight: 282 kg
Work instruction - sample
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