We install your laboratory furniture

Lab Installation Thiemt

Lab furniture installation

LAB EQUIPMENT Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables
LAB FURNITURE Laboratory furniture of Köttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others
CONTAINER LAB Mobile or semi stationary laboratories in a container or on a trailer
SENSORY LAB Special equipment for the sensory product control
TRAINING Training of the users as well as preparation for certification
INSTALLATION Installation of laboratory furniture

Installation of the laboratory furniture

Apart from the planning and the supply, THIEMT also offers the installation of the laboratory furniture.

Depending on the project and the wishes of the customer, these installations can be conducted as so-called Chief-Installations or as All-In-Installations. The teams will be composed depending on the project and consist of electricians and gas-water-installers, so the single sub-lots can be mounted expertly.

Chief-Installation means that, according to the size of the project, one or more experienced installers – these are the so-called Chief-Installers - , will instruct or lead local installation teams and will supervise the installation.

With the All-In-Installation we provide a team that will conduct the installation completely and without any further assistance.

It depends on the local conditions and the volume of the project, if a Chief-Installation or an All-In-Installation will be conducted. Basically the ambition is to conduct a qualitative installation, that is as effective as possible.