We plan, supply and install laboratory furniture. Worldwide

Laboreinrichtung: xxx

LAB EQUIPMENT Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables
LAB FURNITURE Laboratory furniture of Köttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others
CONTAINER LAB Mobile or semi stationary laboratories in a container or on a trailer
SENSORY LAB Special equipment for the sensory product control
TRAINING Training of the users as well as preparation for certification
INSTALLATION Installation of laboratory furniture

THIEMT is a system supplier for laboratory furniture: we plan independently in our own CAD-office, supply and install the furniture.

For calls for tenders regardless of the manufacturer we plan with our specifically programmed planning software.

If you want to have independent planning concretely for Köttermann- or Waldner- laboratory furniture, we can also help you.

We can provide furniture in standard make and furniture made of steel. The product range covers three quality- respectively price-segments:

First Class Quality – lab furniture systems from Köttermann, Waldner and Flores Valles
International Standard Quality – selected lab furniture of high quality
Local Standard Quality – local production according to national standards

By the selection of the furniture, there is an emphasis on independence, objective advice, a wide product range as well as services, according to the supplier.

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