Flores Valles laboratory furniture

Lab furniture Flores Valles

LAB FURNITURE Basic information about laboratory furniture
Köttermann LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture made in Germany
Waldner LAB FURNITURE Lab furniture with an appealing design made in Germany
Flores Valles LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture of high quality made in Spain
Materials Information about work surfaces

Flores Valles is a Spanish provider of first-class laboratory furniture made of steel.

THIEMT plans laboratory furniture of Flores Valles and other providers autonomously and independently in our own planning office. We also conduct the implementation: supply and installation by a THIEMT installation team.

The products of Flores Valles are on one level with products of Köttermann and Waldner. We classify three groups:

First class products: utmost quality with an appealing design
International Class: superior quality for the national and the international market
Local Class: local suppliers

Especially in the Middle East there is a high demand for Flores Valles furniture. Flores Valles is particularly open-minded in regards to special requests and custom-made products.