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LAB FURNITURE Basic information about laboratory furniture
Köttermann LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture made in Germany
Waldner LAB FURNITURE Lab furniture with an appealing design made in Germany
Flores Valles LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture of high quality made in Spain
Materials Information about work surfaces

Types of lab

THIEMT offers lab furniture-solutions for almost complete types of lab and trades in industry and research:

  • Order labs
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Research lab
  • Commercial lab
  • Multi-user facilities
  • Wet-chemical labs
  • Emergency labs
  • Quality management
  • Test lab
  • Clean room labs
  • Reference labs
  • Experience labs
  • Sensory labs
  • Safety labs
  • Supervisory labs
  • Central labs


Preliminary planning/ Pre-projecting


It is important to clarify, if the furniture will be needed for already existing premises resp. labs, or if it is about a new build. In the planning phase on new construction, by request THIEMT can impinge on the layout planning, to straighten the intersections for media, water and power optimally on the later workplace design. The same is true for the interior design (Pull in of subceilings, walls). The challenge on already existing labs is, to adapt the new furniture to the existing, on material, shape and colour, so that it comes into being a harmonic impression (compatibility).

Important parameters will be obtained off the layout for the lab furniture planning:

  • Usage space (length x width)
  • Height ceiling 
  • Load-bearing walls
  • Site staircase/ hallway
  • Site and measures of doors and windows
  • Parapet level window
  • Fixed water connections
  • Number rooms



The basis for the creation of a utilization concept is the determination and specification of the customer wishes.
Here the following, including issues are helpful:

  • How many workstations will be needed?
  • Which functions shall the particular workstations fulfill?
  • How much storeroom will be needed?
  • Which budget is available?
  • Furniture will be requested modular or built-in furniture? 
  • Which guidelines/ standards are to consider?
  • Which requests regarding flexibility (extension, conversion) and variability (multi-use) are existing?


Planning lab furniture – vendor independent

Work surfaces – materials

The surface material selection of the lab furniture is especially depending on test-dependent requirements  (examination substances, chemicals, work methods, rules).
For example labs, with huge hygienic requirements (pathology, food inspection lab) are often fitted with furniture of stainless steel.
However in labs with a high chemical and mechanical load, the application of technical ceramic is useful.

Requirements for work surfaces, regarding:

  • Chemical resistance (increment: very low, slight, moderate, high)
  • Moisture resistance (swell capacity)
  • Fire resistance/ thermal resilience
  • Hygiene/ decontamination 
  • Mechanical resistance (impact-, scratch resistance)
  • Ease of care

Overview about the most important materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Epoxy resin (Epoxy)
  • Glass (safety glass ESG)
  • HPL (High pressure laminate) like Trespa®
  • Ceramic (all-ceramic, combined-ceramic, technical ceramic)
  • Melamine(resin)
  • Phenol resin
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Stoneware


Workplace design/lab furniture concept

The workplace design resp. the total lab furniture concept are considering further factors beside the already mentioned industrial- or test specific factors.
Health requirements of the lab personnel will be also attached value like functional, creative, economic and ecological aspects. Not least, the customers plans for the future – like a planned capacity expansion – are an important part of the concept.

Criteria for workplace design:

  • Work methods
  • Occupational safety
  • Operating costs/budget  
  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality (short distances)
  • Noise-reduced
  • Flexibility – (compatibility/expandability)
  • Durability
  • Lab organisation
  • Logistics
  • Sustainability
  • Utilization profile
  • Process optimization
  • Space(full)utilization
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Variability (multi-use)
  • Safety classes/protective levels/biological protective levels/at-risik groups (S, L, SL, BSL 1-4)
  • Regulations/guidelines/standards
  • Added value
  • Sustainability (innovation)

For the essential lab furniture concept, the particular workplaces will be justified together, by utilization of the plot optimally.Beside the listing of the single furniture according to the type, quantity, manufacturer and price, the lab furniture quotation comprises also technical drawings, including the livery points for power, water and media.


Abstract manufacturers pool – lab furniture

THIEMT works together with various prestigious German, but also international furniture manufacturer, for years. Therefore, nearly all wishes concerning design, surface materials and price are realizable. Ready-made solutions are also possible such as made to measure or custom-made design. Local manufacturers often provide competitive advantages for logistic and economic reasons. However German manufacturers are shining by innovative details and durability.
A small selection of our suppliers:

  • Köttermann – steel- lab furniture manufacturer
  • Waldner – lab furniture manufacturer
  • Various european (steel-) lab furniture manufacturer


Abstract – lab furniture program

In addition to the furnishings for standard labs, THIEMT also delivers furniture for sensors labs, cleanroom labs and safety labs.
A program summary listed below:

  • Waste/garbage/waste management systems 
  • Hoods/housings
  • Automatic door installations
  • Basins/sinks
  • Office furniture
  • Hatches
  • Fridges/freezer, cold storage cells
  • Media supply (benches, ceilings, pillars)
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets for custody and storage
    • Cabinets for chemicals
    • Acid/alkali cabinets
    • Cabinets for dangerous materials
    • Base/tall cupboard
    • Wall cupboard
    • High cupboard
  • Clean booths
  • Sluices for material and personnel
  • Sensors lab-test cabin
  • Safes
  • Dishwashers/cleaning and disinfection automats
  • Tables (such as roll- and weighing tables, pack tables)
  • Dressing rooms/wardrobes/lockers/sit-over benches
  • Wall- and ceiling cladding
  • Workbenches
  • Accessory like chairs, stand aids, emergency shower


Technical CAD-drawing, visualisation, movie

In the on-site CAD office, the lab furniture concepts are coming to vision, in terms of technical 2D- and 3D-drawings. The customer shall get a most realistic impression of the furniture and their integration in the room in advance, therefore additional elaborating visualizations and movies will be made. Initially the visualizations and movies let the customer live to see the concept in its complexity. The customer receives a performance of the room layout, the space conditions in the particular workspaces and the functionality from all perspectives.

Intersections to other crafts: Media, water, power

The technical drawings are also figuring the transfer points for the media supply (technical and medical gases) such as the intersections to the electrical and sanitary(water) crafts.

Delivery of the lab furniture

The delivery directly takes place from the manufactory to the customer. According to the delivery contents and transport route, the originally boxed parcels will be delivered  in container, by truck or ship.

Assembly of the lab furniture

Skilled THIEMT-fitters are assembling and installing the furniture properly on site. THIEMT organizes the regular maintenance dates for the hoods. The service will be guaranteed by technicians on site.

Benefit – THIEMT specific customer benefits

THIEMT is putting great emphasis on an independent consultation and to offer state of the art and custom-made solutions for each customer. The customer shall have the ability to choose from a great variety of providers, furniture and price categories. Innovative product developments, such as self-locking safes and media supply across the ceiling are also belonging to the product portfolio, like made to measures or customers specifications.

Beside the advice and the broad furniture range, THIEMT offers the latest mode of illustration of lab furniture layouts: The visualization and the movie. Thereby, the customer can get a most realistic before-image of the later arrangement.

  • Objective comparison of manufacturer
  • Broad pool of international and local manufacturer
  • All price categories
  • All materials
  • Made to measures and customers specifications
  • Sensory lab furniture and test cabins