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LAB FURNITURE Basic information about laboratory furniture
Köttermann LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture made in Germany
Waldner LAB FURNITURE Lab furniture with an appealing design made in Germany
Flores Valles LAB FURNITURE Steel furniture of high quality made in Spain
Materials Information about work surfaces

Waldner, based in Wangen-Germany, develops and produces lab furniture for the international market for more than 60 years. All product ranges are covered by the lab furniture program and fulfills high standards of quality and safety. The focus lies on advanced (exhaust hood) technologies, functional design and ecological aspects. Waldner is certified according to ISO 9001, the hoods are checked according to EN 14175.


The corpus consists of melamine resin boards, the following materials can be selected for the work surfaces:

  • Melamine resin
  • Solid core
  • Solid Core Trespa Toplab+
  • Polypropylene
  • Epoxy
  • Stainless steel
  • Stoneware
  • Composite stoneware panel
  • Glass

SCALA laboratory furniture program

The current laboratory program is produced without composite materials, free of PVC and provides European and American certification standards.

The program includes:

  • Exhaust hoods and extraction systems with variable control
  • Media carriers
  • Laboratory benches
  • Laboratory sinks
  • Storage spaces
  • Supply and disposal systems for liquids and solids
  • Accessory

By request, fridges/ freezer and laboratory dish washer will be delivered.

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Exhaust hoods

Two layouts are offered: Back and side installed hoods. Both are consisting of more work surface and interior volume than conventional hoods, are available in raster sizes up to 2400 mm and optionally equipped by the enhanced Secuflow Supporting Jet Technology. The Secuflow Technology provides an increased occupational safety and reduces the energy consumption.
Several add-ons make the operation easier, like the single-handed used front shutter mechanics or the Airflow controller, integrated into the side pillar of the hood.

  • Underbench cabinets
  • Walk-in fume cupboards
  • Low level fume cupboards
  • Special fume cupboards: Filter-, high performance fume cupboards and radionuclide fume cupboards
  • Mobile fume cupboards: AeroEm, MobilAir
  • Housings
  • Local extraction devices: Under bench exhaust and floor extract, AAS-air extraction systems, extraction arms, snorkel hood, extraction hood

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Media carriers

Several systems are directly available at the workplace, or via floor or ceiling.
They are particularly suitable for supply with gases, power and water, but also to control the climate and lighting.

The portfolio includes:

  • Media channels
  • Media cells
  • Service wings
  • Service spines
  • Service columns
  • Service stations
  • Service wall ducts
  • Bench mounted service ducts
  • Service ceilings

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Laboratory benches

Precision square profile steel with a reinforced cross-section is used for the table frames. This enables a weight load of 200 kg/m².

  • Laboratory tables: H-frame, C-frame, Cantilever, load bearing bottom section
  • Mobile tables
  • Special benches:  H-frame for low level fume cupboards, weighing table, height adjustable table, swing table, racks, round table, sliding elements

A new addition for some table tops and the sliding elements is walnut colouring.

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Laboratory sinks and basins

The sinks and basins are consisting of durable materials like stoneware, polypropylene, stainless steel and epoxy.

  • Laboratory sinks with sinks or sink modules
  • Drip cup on service spine
  • Drip cup in worktop
  • Mobile sink
  • AquaE

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Storage spaces

Mobile underbench units ensure mobility, underbench depths of 550 mm and drawer depths of 500 mm a lot of storage space.  Different handle types are available, e.g. seamless handles of die-cast aluminium. The fronts have an extra edge protection, height adjustable feet ensure stability. Depending on the application, the special cupboards are made of powder coated steel plate.

  • Substructures
  • Wall cabinets
  • Laboratory cupboards
  • Add-on cupboards
  • Pull out units
  • Special cupboards for the storage of acids, alkalis, flammable liquids and gas cylinders

A new addition in the range of the storage fronts is the walnut colouring.

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Supply and disposal systems

Subconstruction integrated TÜV-certified systems are provided as a disposal for solids and liquids. There is the choice between manually changed containers and fully-automatic drain and exchangeable stations for the disposal of liquids. The continuous supply of solvents is tendered by a fuel dispenser.

  • Supply systems for flammable liquids
  • Disposal systems for acids and alkalis
  • Disposal systems for flammable liquids
  • Disposal systems for solids and household waste
  • Disposal systems for radionuclide waste

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Excerpt from the catalogue

  • Monitor holder
  • Classification systems for drawers
  • Tripod materials
  • Emergency aid cupboards
  • Ladders
  • Canisters for supply and disposal

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