Mobile container laboratory

Mobiles Labor auf einem Trailer

LAB EQUIPMENT Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables
LAB FURNITURE Laboratory furniture of Köttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others
CONTAINER LAB Mobile or semi stationary laboratories in a container or on a trailer
SENSORY LAB Special equipment for the sensory product control
TRAINING Training of the users as well as preparation for certification
INSTALLATION Installation of laboratory furniture

A laboratory in a container or on a trailer

We plan and implement mobile or semi stationary laboratories – custom-made for the application.

Laboratories in a container or on a trailer can serve the following conditions and requirements:

  • stationary container-laboratory in a network, during the time of the relocation or renovation
  • semi stationary container laboratory for a longer operation at diverse locations
  • completely mobile laboratory in a container, which is independent from the vehicle
  • self-sufficient laboratory on a trailer in street or off-road version

Mobile laboratories applied as medical, biological or chemical-technical facility. They are used for example as medical laboratories, that travel from place to place and conduct special analytics, that are not omnipresent. Another possible application are off-the-road trailers with a self-sufficient laboratory for the petrochemical analysis, used during the exploration of raw material deposits.

The mobile laboratories can be endowed completely self-sufficient with:

  • own electrical power supply
  • air conditioning
  • water system

As a provider of turnkey laboratories we plan and implement custom-made mobile laboratories.