Steps to the realisation of a sensory lab

LAB EQUIPMENT Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables
LAB FURNITURE Laboratory furniture of Köttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others
CONTAINER LAB Mobile or semi stationary laboratories in a container or on a trailer
SENSORY LAB Special equipment for the sensory product control
TRAINING Training of the users as well as preparation for certification
INSTALLATION Installation of laboratory furniture

Determination of requirements

  • How many test cabins will be requested
  • The branch, the lab will be needed for – which materials, products, etc. shall be tested
  • Which premises resp. spaces are available – plot
  • Which amenities will be requested for the test cabins (configuration form)
  • Kitchen equipment will be required
  • Shall other rooms be fitted, beside the test and preparatory room – waiting room, storeroom/cold store, meeting room, office

Design and visualization

Based on the customers wishes, a concept, including technical drawing, will be created, which serves as a basis for discussion. The lab will be accessible and made to come alive by help of a CAD-drawing.

Delivery and assembly

The delivery and skilled assembly takes place by our experienced partners. Installation computer equipment – instruction to the software.