Test procedure at the sensor lab

Arrival of the test participants in the waiting room

LAB EQUIPMENT Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables
LAB FURNITURE Laboratory furniture of Köttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others
CONTAINER LAB Mobile or semi stationary laboratories in a container or on a trailer
SENSORY LAB Special equipment for the sensory product control
TRAINING Training of the users as well as preparation for certification
INSTALLATION Installation of laboratory furniture

Sequential procedure in a sensory lab:

1. Arrival of the test participants in the waiting room.
2. The test participants have a seat in the test room.
3. Coding of the neutral specimen jar.
4. Steady filling of the specimen repositories.
5. Hatching the assay to the subjects.
6. Staff acknowledges the handover of the specimen by communication control.
7. Acceptance of the specimen. Red light for color masking.
8. Sensory test processing – completion of the questionnaire.
9. Termination of the testing phase. Restitution of the assay.
10. Interpretation of results and diverting of measures into practice.