New Technology Centre for Geotechnics and Mineralogy in Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan

New Technology Centre for Geotechnics and Mineralogy

In a joint venture with the renowned architect’s office Gulf Consult from Kuwait and a local Sudanese partner, THIEMT, on behalf of the Sudanese Ministry of Mineral, plans and constructs a new 20.000 square meter technology centre for geology and mineralogy.

A national task for the development of the country

After two decades of civil war and the decision of Southern Sudan in 2011 to separate from the North and the thus resulting loss of 75% of the oil resources, Sudan decided to develop a new strategy for the structure of the country and for the improvement of the standard of living.

40 million people inhabit Sudan; it is the fourth largest country in Africa and actually it disposes of good possibilities: beside the oil resources it disposes of sufficient land and water as well as comprehensive natural resources (minerals).
As a national task for the development of the country, the Ministry of Minerals worked out a strategy to support the mining of the natural resources and thus to contribute to a higher national income.

Central point of this strategy is the new technology Centre for Geotechnics and Mineralogy. This is to chart the natural resources, to allocate the licences to national and international mining companies and to monitor the excavation. Furthermore health aspects in connection with high mineral concentrations in some parts of the country, are to be medically investigated and researched.

The job for THIEMT: Planning of the analytics, the organisation of the laboratory and the laboratories

The only requirement of the Ministry was to develop the following laboratories:

  • Geotechnical laboratory
  • Geophysical laboratory
  • Petrographyc laboratory
  • Laboratory for sample preparation
  • Chemical laboratory
  • ‚Mine Design’ laboratory
  • Laboratory for environmental analysis
  • Meteor- and meteorite laboratory
  • Isotope-laboratory
  • Geo-medicinal laboratory
  • Metallurgical laboratory
  • Metallurgical pilot plant

THIEMT’s task is to develop a homogeneous, efficient and conclusive detailed conception (Project Study) for these laboratories and the technology centre:

  • which analytics is to be performed
  • which laboratory equipment is needed for this
  • how must the laboratories be designed for the performance of the analytics
  • which personnel with which qualifications is needed
  • how should the organisation of the laboratory be configured
  • how will the results be handled and which actions result from them

The to be developed project study, casually phrased, is an instruction manual for the operation of this technology centre. At the same time the project study is basis for the installation and subsequent accreditation of the laboratories.

After the issue of this project study, THIEMT plans the laboratories and together with the architect’s office Gulf Consult engineers the building from the inside to the outside

  • where will which analytics be performed and how is the laboratory to be designed
  • which media have to be supplied at which location and how should the air conditioning system be equipped (technical building equipment)
  • which standard operation procedures and safety regulations have to be observed

To guarantee a “state-of-the-art” technology centre, THIEMT has acquired the RWTH Aachen as a technological partner. A team of experts attends to the planning and realisation of this project from the scientific point of view.

THIEMT will be responsible to realise this project up to the startup and will furthermore run it on the laboratory scale during the first years.