Pre-planning of laboratory buildings

Design draft – overview

The concept of the laboratory building contains the viewing of three components:

The draft is oriented around the essentials derived from the task, the baseline study and the site analysis including official requirements.

The technical preliminary planning includes room and functional diagrams, which are based on the workflow and model the requirements of the analytics and the laboratory.

The business conideration also includes a cost estimate and a cost-benefit-analysis.

The design draft allows for the guidelines of the client and the local conditions; we issue the draft(s) as pictures and as a visualized round trip.

Laboratory building – an overview of the preliminary planning

The preliminary planning is subdivided into three work phases:

The basic evaluation

The basic evaluation mainly consists of the clarification of the assignment of tasks. For this purpose, an inventory is made, which summarizes the laboratory analysis, the functional processes and the laboratory organization, the location and the wishes of the investor.

The preliminary planning

In the preliminary planning, the results of the basic evaluation and the objectives are analyzed and a basic planning concept is created.

The drafting of the planning concept also includes the clarification of urban questions and restrictions. Additionally, a preliminary construction request is carried out. This includes both, the preliminary survey of the qualification for the approbation by the authorities and the first cost estimates.

In addition a cost-benefit-analysis for the plant and a financing plan will be issued.

At this point the costing is a cost estimate with ±30 %.

The outline planning

Here the first graphic design concepts of the preliminary planning will be revised and specified.

The cost estimate will be updated and a complete cost calculation will be compiled.

At this point the costing is determined as a cost calculation with ±20 %.

So the investor has all the needed information to decide on the realization and the continuance of the project.


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