We attend to laboratory projects as a consultant and support you from the first idea to the implementation.

Planning and implementation of laboratory projects – Consultancy

A laboratory project consists of diverse special fields – analytics, laboratory and building, to name just a few. To cover this diversity, our team consists of scientists, specialists and engineers.

Examples for the supervision of laboratory projects

Scope of work

Scope of activities

Survey of laboratory projects

A laboratory project consists of the following fields:

Scope of work of a laboratory project may include the following points:

Analytics and laboratory equipment

Some laboratories are only rebuilt or renovated and the excisting analytics and the correspoding laboratory equipment will be kept. Other laboratories will, as a so-called Greenfield project, be planned completely new. For such projects, which will be constructed on a “green field”, the analytics have to determined at first on the basis of the function.

Function of a laboratory can be:

For both functions a quality management concept respectively a research assignment has to be precisely characterized. From this the to be determined parameters, the standard operation procedure for the analytics and possibly an analysis list with information about quality and quantity, ensue.

On demand THIEMT supports you with the compilation of such quality management concepts or research assignments.

Reference examples:

Laboratory furniture and utilities supply

On the basis of the analytical standard operational procedures and the laboratory equipment a laboratory space concept will be compiled. Each work station and each laboratory has special demands regarding space requirement, utilities supply and disposal as well as safety regulations.

During our preliminary planning we issue laboratory room concepts in 2D or 3D and on demand they will be visualized or animated.

Reference examples:

Building and technical building equipment

Besides the actual analytical laboratory, logistics areas, community spaces, offices for the administration and engineering rooms, will be needed. The building has to be consistent with internal and external requirements. Finally it has to be in line with the strategic concept as well as it has to conform to asthetic demands.

The building can be divided into two abstract areas:

We issue project studies or feasibility studies for the building and the technical building equipment.

Laboratory organization

The laboratory organization takes care that the user can work efficiently, reproducible and safely.

It comprises the following items:

On demand THIEMT supports you with the compilation of such concepts for the laboratory organization.

Reference example:


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