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About us

We are a medium-sized team, privately managed – full of passion and engagement. We vouch for each other. And therewith also for our business partners no matter if it is the customer or somebody who supports us to fulfill our service.

Dortmund is our home town, international markets and faraway countries our home. Civilizations are manifold. We respect our counterpart. No matter what he looks like, what he believes and what he thinks.

Of course we always want to give our best. We want to standardize as many process steps as possible to minimize mistakes. But not everything fits into a precast format. And we are human beings. And for these reasons it is evident that not all projects and all processes can run optimally – sometimes it just runs irregularly and one problem adds to the other. It is in the nature of things. But it depends on how you deal with this. Whenever we make a mistake, we want to be open and honest about it, want to solve the problem quickly and straightforwardly and want to avoid it in future. If it is our counterpart who made a mistake, we want to help and find a solution – without any criticism and straight to the point.

We want to be at eye level with our partners – no matter who he is!

If you want to cooperate with us on this basis, you are sincerely invited – we look forward to you!


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