Laboratory container

Containers as building extension

Containers as building extension

Chemical-technical lab container

Chemical-technical lab container

Fully mobile cleanroom lab container

Fully mobile cleanroom lab container


THIEMT plans and realizes laboratory containers – from mobile containers to module rooms resp. buildings.

Laboratory container and module building – mobile to stationary

Laboratories in a laboratory container or in a module building offer adequate laboratory space. They can be set up temporarily or permanently stationary or can be designed for completely mobile operation.

We specialize in laboratories and know the demands the analytics makes on a laboratory. So we can plan and realise individual laboratory solutions that are exactly customized to the requirements and the conditions on site.

The transitions between lab buildings, lab containers and mobile labs are fluid. Hence, an overview of different design variants follows.

Mobile – laboratory in a vehicle, van body or on trailer

ISO-container – laboratory in a semi-mobile standard ISO-container

Room container – laboratory in a room container single or container farm

Module room – laboratory in a module room – room-in-room-solution

Module building – laboratory in a module building


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