1. Laboratory planning
  2. Laboratory buildings
  3. Laboratory containers
  4. Mobile laboratories

Laboratory planning

Stem-cell research facility – Saudi Arabia

THIEMT planned and supplied the new stem-cell research facility for the University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
The Prince Mohammed Center for Research & Consultation Studies, belonging to the University of Dammam, opened an about 4,000 m2 large research facility for molecular biology, virology and stem-cells.
For this project THIEMT conducted a comprehensive project study, supplied and implemented it afterwards. Read more...

New technology center – Germany

Wintershall is the largest German oil and gas producer. The subsidiary of BASF is globally active but produces oil and gas in Germany as well.
THIEMT as laboratory planner and the architectural and engineering office Assmann were together commissioned to plan a new service and technology center and to subsequently supervise the construction.

Laboratory for quality & production control – Netherlands/Qatar

The FLUOR Corporation commissioned THIEMT with the preliminary planning and execution of a project study for a quality and production control laboratory for a joint venture of Shell and Qatar Petroleum.
In this context the complete laboratory was planned including i. e. premises, furnishing, work processes and equipment as well as the laboratory organization.

Project development: New laboratory & laboratory building – Switzerland

Lonza is a Swiss chemical and pharma corporation with headquaters in Basel.
Lonza entrusted THIEMT as general planner with the project development and planning of a new biochemical laboratory and a laboratory building with an area of about 2,000 m2.
The laboratory will accompany the biological agent production, to which Lonza and the French company Sanofi have entered into a joint venture.

Laboratory buildings

Contract laboratory new construction – Germany

THIEMT planned and attended to the new construction of a private contract laboratory.
In a just under 1,500 m2 large new construction, Labor Friedle invested a private analysis center for food safety and residue analysis.
As a laboratory planner, THIEMT attended to the project from the idea to the implementation. Read more...

Lab building made of container elements – Germany

The private institute for product quality (ifp) in Berlin is an accredited laboratory for analytics of food, drinking water, medical products and animal feed.
The institute needed space for a microbiological lab and accompanying offices and commissioned THIEMT as general contractor.
THIEMT has planned and built the S2 lab building ready to use from container elements. The building has an area of about 400 m2 and houses a new branch of ifp in Ohrdruf near Gotha.

Laboratory containers

Laboratory container – Germany

THIEMT has planned and built a lab container complex for the TU Berlin resp. Innovations-Zentrum Berlin Management GmbH (IZBM).
The Inkulab was realized to support the launch of startups by providing an incubation program and appropriate infrastructure. Mainly targeted are startups which are active in the fields of nanotechnology, life-sciences and green chemistry.
The complex consists of multiple lab containers and was custom built by THIEMT according to laboratory guidelines. The laboratories are fully equipped with a ventilation system, lab furniture including fume cupboards and safety equipment and were deployed by THIEMT on the campus of the TU Berlin.

Mobile laboratories

Mobile laboratory – Scotland

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) is a scotish higher education institution that focuses on agriculture. In context of research regarding livestock breeding the idea came up to create a mobile sensory lab.
SRUC commissioned THIEMT with the planning and construction of a fully mobile laboratory that is integrated into a laterally extendable trailer.