Mashing Bath TMB


In addition to the usual mashing procedures, the THIEMT Mashing Bath TMB enables you to perform individual mashing procedures. The standard programs Hartong and Congress, as described in MEBAK and EBC, are pre-installed; the addition of individual programs in unlimited quantity, is possible.

The TMB can optionally be operated via a modern touch-screen interface or with help of a standard browser. 2 versions are available: manual or automatic (TMB plus) water dosage. The TMB is ergonomically designed and is completely made of stainless steel.


Congress and Hartong mashing procedures are standardized procedures for obtaining various analysis figures.

Congress procedure

Hartong procedure

In addition, there are several individual mashing procedures for various analyses, such as the lautering test.

The Mashing Bath TMB

The Mashing Bath TMB has been designed by THIEMT to support standardized programs and additionally any number of individual procedures.

Housing design




The mashing bath is available in 2 standard versions:


The mashing bath is equipped with a touch screen that is used to control all functions of the device.


Characteristics and benefits of the mahsing bath TMB:

Technical details

Technical details TMB
Sample beakers 8 pieces, 600 ml each
Temperature range up to 80 °C
Temperature consistency ± 0.1 K
Heating rate 1 K/min
Agitator speed up to 200 rpm
Water dosage amount1 50/100 ml
Electrical connection values
Voltage, frequency 220–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Heating capacity 3 kW
Water connection
Water intake 1/4" DN9
Water outlet 1/4" DN9
Water overflow 1" DN32
Housing 523×683×515 (B×H×T in mm)
Depth incl. water connectors 595 mm
Weight 56 kg
PC interface Ethernet
Interface for data carriers USB

1: For TMB eco, amount per glass cuvette

Technical drawings

Order data

Mashing bath TMB
Mashing bath TMB eco T100.200
Mashing bath TMB plus T100.201
Spare parts
1 × Set (8 pcs) Congress stirrers T100.073
1 × Set (8 pcs) Hartong stirrers T100.072
1 × Mashing beaker T100.036
1 × Glass cuvette T100.039
Delivery scope mashing bath TMB
1 × Mashing bath TMB
8 × Mashing beaker
8 × Stirrer for Congress procedure
8 × Stirrer for Hartong procedure
8 × Glass cuvettes for dosing water (only TMB eco)
1 × Network cable
1 × USB thumb drive
1 × Set of tubing for water intake and outlet
1 × Manual2

2: When ordering please specify the required mains plug and the language for the manual.

Packing details
Delivery in wooden crate
Dimensions 700×700×900 (B×H×T in mm)
Weight 108 kg

Further information: