General planning

THIEMT performs laboratory projects as general planner.

General planning in the main

In general, planners are called general planners, if the lead in all or all crucial planning tasks is given to them by the building owner. The general planner in turn awards contracts for the provision of particular planning areas to sub planners. Thus a contract chain between the building owner, the general planner and the sub planners is created.

Our philosophy

In laboratory projects a multitude of different crafts and fields is encountered: The analytics including the corrensponding analysis technology, the laboratory planning, the technical building equipment and many more.

We understand general planning as the task to bring the different disciplines and the respective specialist planners together. Thus a homogeneous project is formed that we accompany from preliminary to detailed planning and possibly to completion.

Out work process as planner

Laboratory planning starts with the analytics and the work process – that is, the actual core activity of the laboratory. From this starting point, other fields like laboratory furniture, utilities supply and utilities disposal as well as the building and the corresponding technical building equipment, will be planned step by step. Thus, the planning proceeds from inside to outside. The implementation however proceeds in the other direction, from outside to inside.

Depending on the project we conduct project and/or feasibility studies. Afterwards, these are incorporated into the preliminary planning, which is performed in close cooperation with the future user and encompasses analytical methods and work processes amongst others. Based on the preliminary planning we then plan labs, offices, service areas, technical building equipment, buildings and so on. In doing so, we create alongside the drawings for example visualizations, explanatory reports, tender documents and accompany the project during its implementation.

We as partner

Regardless of whether the client carries out a laboratory project for the first time or has already gathered experience, it is mandatory that the general planner as primary contact partner has experience and expertise in conducting laboratory projects.

Especially for general planners successful project management is an additional important factor because the different sub contractors have to be led accordingly.

Herewith directly linked – as third integral point – is the capacity of all involved parties for teamwork. Albeit this factor can be easily overlooked, nevertheless the daily business shows that personal differences of single project members often have a negative impact on the project as a whole.

We have carried out more than big and small laboratory projects in Germany and internationally. With every project we have continuously improved and standardized our internal processes. In doing so, as experienced project planners, over the time we compiled a team for the particular areas of expertise, that not only delivers excelent resullts but also cooperates smoothly and homogeneously.

Hence, we believe that we can be a good and experienced partner and general planner for your laboratory project, whether you plan to renovate 50 m2 of your lab or to build a new 5,000 m2 spanning laboratory building completely from scratch.


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