Project studies for lab projects

THIEMT conducts project studies for laboratory projects and gladly creates a solid foundation for your project.

Planning of laboratory projects – project study

We understand the project study as the development of concepts and illustration of possibilities for laboratory projects. The results of a laboratory project study can form the basis of further decisions, or can be part of the following implementation.

The difference between a laboratory project study and our laboratory feasibility study is, that the project study shows general possibilities without concretely checking the feasibility in consideration of specific conditions. The feasibility study on the other hand, checks one or more selective cases in regard to their feasibility under given circumstances.

The project study asks: How can the idea or advisement look in the implementation?
The feasibility study asks: Is it possible to realize the project under given circumstances?

We conduct small and large project studies for laboratories and laboratory buildings.

Examples for laboratory project studies:

Motivation and goal of a project study

Each investment and each project starts with an idea or an necessity. With many larger enterprises, not all conditions that have to be considered in such a project are known at the beginning. This also is addressed by a project study and should provide clarity.

Furthermore with larger acquisitions, (e. g. the purchase and operation of an extensive analysis system) or with complex projects and high investments (e. g. the new construction of a laboratory building), you have to check in advance which implications and side effects accompany the execution of the projects.

Project studies cover both commercial and technical/technological issues:

Sometimes the project study additionally is used to check the political feasibility of such a project and to introduce it to the public.

Further tasks and possible contents of a project study:

Coverage and degree of planning of a laboratory project study

A laboratory project – a laboratory for the quality management or for research – consists of diverse functional areas:

The project study may encompass multiple individual, a single or all areas of activity. Starting from a basic evaluation a concept is worked out and an illustration of the project implementation is given.

The degree of planning of a project study either is a first outline – corresponds to the preliminary planning – or can be a relatively exact design planning; this would be followed by the detailed planning.

Reference examples:

In an interdisciplinary team with scientists, specialists and engineers as well as architects, we conduct custom-made project studies.

Note: The definition of the project study and the feasibility study is imperative only for our activities in the context of laboratories and laboratory projects and is not generally binding.


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