TrainingWe train your staff


Lab equipment

Analysis equipment, peripheral equipment and consumables

Lab furniture

Laboratory furniture of K├Âttermann, Waldner, Flores Valles and others

Sensory lab

Special equipment for the sensory product control


Training of the users as well as preparation for certification


Installation of laboratory furniture

THIEMT puts your laboratory equipment into operation and trains your staff.

Depending on the particular field we have experienced lab technicians as trainers for your staff.

Installation and commissioning

The supplied equipment will be installed expertly and put into operation by a THIEMT technician. This takes place in cooperation with your quality-management-team. The activation of the devices and first analyses are serving likewise for training.

Training of employees

The employees will receive an initial briefing in the analysis systems and will be trained therein. The training includes the accurate handling of devices and software, their performance review, routine overhauls and the detection and correction of issues. If required, a training for analysis technology is also provided.

QA concept implementation

On request a quality management concept will be created, that is individualized for the enterprise and the user defaults. This can be implemented in the operation by our technicians in cooperation with your QA team.


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