New construction PEPSI centre for product development

New building of the Pepsi product development centre with laboratory and pilot plant

The management of the laboratory

Sensory laboratory of the Pepsi product development centre

View of a laboratory area

Chemical-technical equipment in a laboratory

Extractor hood

Entrance area of the Pepsico facility

New construction of a product and innovation centre for PepsiCo

THIEMT planned and supplied the laboratory for the new “Hamburg Innovation Centre” (HIC) of PepsiCo.

Mainly the HIC is to generate product innovations in the area of wellness products and in the area of health-conscious products made of fruit and vegetables. For this, in addition to a pilot plant, it also commands a laboratory and a sensor laboratory. Particularly in the sensor laboratory the newly developed products can undergo independent taste and preference tests, to filter out the right product for the market entry and to further develop it.

THIEMT attended to the project for 2 years from the first idea to the handover of the new laboratory.

In close cooperation with PepsiCo experts, THIEMT issued diverse concept studies for the new construction and continuously refined them.

Visualizations and animations helped to depict the enterprise to the corporate management in the USA.

After the official approval of the planning and the investment THIEMT in a tendering procedure also won the order for the production, supply and installation (EPC-project) of the laboratory and the sensor laboratory.

The furniture for the laboratory were supplied and were installed by an assembly team. The same goes for the sensor laboratory which has been custom tailored to the wishes of PepsiCo.

At last the laboratory equipment was supplied and started up and the users were trained.


Europe – Germany


With more than 65 milliard US dollar annual turnover PepsiCo is the second largest food and beverage producer after Nestlé. More than 20 brands of PepsiCo on its own gain an annual turnover of more than one milliard US dollar. Well-known brands of PepsiCo among others are Pepsi-Cola, Tropicana or Frito-Lay.


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